To start out the New year in 2021 with an inaugural Series Event with the match set of boats on the ready. Epic is not a word I like to use but it was outstanding!

Seven of the Match Set RS21’s took to the racecourse competing in a true test of sail trim, boat handling, weight position and starts. The use of Markset Bot makes the course setting and adjustment simple. Thank you to Pelican insurance for their support for the entire winter series providing Markset bot for all three events.

A total of 10 races took place. Saturday saw 4 races in 10 -15 knots of wind and short course racing. The challenge of the day was getting off the line and executing in phase sailing in a very shifty and large velocity range wind conditions. My 13 and 10-year-old crew members learned a lot and smiled all weekend when they stopped gasping for air in exhaustion! Saturday was cut short due to depth limits inside the lake. Sunday was the outstanding day! 6 races in 10-14 knots of breeze, flat water off the beach in longer distance legs and more of the focus on the sails trim etc.

Boat #12 (Sponsored by Blackburn Marine) sailed by Alex Schwinn, Lakewood Member, Danny Pletsch, Lakewood Member and Alan Woodworth sailed an impeccable regatta with 5 of 10 wins and not one result outside of the top 3. They executed the tasks best of all. Waterfront Director at Lakewood, Terry Flynn Sailed Boat #9 (Sponsored by True North Marine) with three members of the Lakewood Youth Laser Team Ava Anderson, Michael Morse and Ethan Polsen made it very close just 5 points back in Second Place. Wrapping up the Top Three, Steve Helm, Lakewood Member, Gary Ross (PC TCYC) and Anne Gramme sailed Boat #6 (Sponsored by Dunphey Services) a great event with only one race out of the top 5. The results and images can be found here and you can also you can sign up to take part in the two series events to come January 30-31, 2021 and March 6-7, 2021.

From a personal perspective, this event was a real blast for me and the youth participation was really rewarding. Conditions were pretty awesome and challenging. Around the course, the ladder changed constantly and extremely close, competitive and rules conscious sailing with 0 contact. I suspect, but OMG, not sure how you can top the first weekend of 2021, the next series event will be even better!